Launching Your Boat the Safe Way

Before you launch your vessel, be very certain that you are all set to go as soon as you hit the water. Have you ever found yourself waiting at the launch site and watching them pump up their inner tubes or rig up fishing equipment? Remember to demonstrate courtesy to other boaters just as yourself boat ramps.

Now we can go ahead and proceed to have a look at the safest way to launch your boat:

1. Backing your vessel down the ramp: please make sure that you stop right before the stern to make sure that your boat hangs over in to the water. Instead of using your rear view mirror in order to back up your boat, rather attempt looking over your right shoulder and looking out of the back window. This would make visibility clearer and give you a more accurate vision.

2. Double check your boats drain plug; make sure that it is in place and securely so.

3. Tie-down straps: as well as lines also make certain that they are put away safely, if at all possible in your motor vehicle or on the boat. Please do not leave any ropes free flowing off the vessel.

4. The ratchet: the one on the retrieval winch has to be unlocked. Make sure that you take off the retrieval line should this be an option, and also make sure that you have a second person to hold onto your lines before you back you vessel ashore.

5. Remove pins and or additional devices in order to put a stop to the motors on the outboard from tipping and falling down.

6. Backing down the boat: once you have reached the end of the ramp or the trailer wheels are underwater, which ever approaches first.

7. The bowline should be left secured, either to the dock or in your hand.

8. Pushing the boat off your trailer: it would be easier to move the boat forwards from the closest position to the beam.

9. The locking pin on the tilt trailers should be removed.

10. Holding the boat: make sure that this is done right next to the dock or preferably in shallow water.

11. The motor: once you have tipped it back, proceed and follow the starting procedures.

12. Ensure that you move at a slow pace to the dock.

13. Should it again be required, tilt the trailer back down.

14. This is where you take your car to the closest available parking lot and you are now ready to set sail.

These are the overall steps that are required to be followed in order for you to safely set sail. Once you follow these to the point, there would be no more excuses and you would have a clearer point as to what to do before you go on your boat trip. Remember not to forget to show courtesy at a launch site, and ensure that you are ready to go once you hit the water. Happy boating, everybody!

Discover How To Make Money Online Using Your Free E-Mail Address

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You have to devise a means of getting information from your prospective clients, but first of all, you need to know what questions they ask, what problems they face and try to get solutions for them.


To do this, on your computer screen, type in Google on the browse address bar or yahoo etc. when the site opens, type in a word or the product you want to market, then check the page very well to see how many people that are looking for that product. Together the necessary information about your prospects, you can join forums (Discussion boards) and engage your self in their discussions. Try to find out what they discuss most often, if any of them has a problem or is looking for a particular item and what problems majority of them talk about. If you know all this, then the next thing is to develop a product for sale.


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